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We are a Christian Ministry offering  prophetic ministry and dream interpretation by email. This site was started in 2005 and has served thousands of people and spoke into their lives. We closed the site a couple of years back but it was recently opened again.  Our site is served by volunteers each volunteer has been tested to see if they have a real gift here at Elisha Serves we are looking for quality to serve you with.  Each volunteer is also a Licensed minister.  We here at this ministry want to give you the real deal so many other sites just tell you what you want to here and aren't prophetic at all you can go to one of those sites and get a prophecy and still be around waiting tens years later for it to come to pass or you can try us. 

  We believe in the gifts of the spirit, we believe that the Lord speaks through dreams and visions as well and that He wants to speak to you.  This site is not meant to be your only channel for hearing from God, God speaks through many different ways such as through the Bible, advice from others, your own heart, situations, preaching and teaching, and many more.  But He also uses prophets and the gift of prophecy as well as dreams and visions, God does and will use this site to confirm things for you or to speak to you.

  Help Wanted:  We are looking for a few volunteers who have a true prophetic gift to do prophetic ministry and dream interpretation on this site.  We require you take a test in order to do this as we are looking for quality in our help also you can ask for a donation after you minister to the client. Every volunteer is made a Licensed Minister and will be Licensed under Elisha Serves Ministries. 

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Prophetic  Ministry and Dream interpretation,Prophecy
Thank you so much for your words and prayers, I do confirm each and everyone of them this had been the exact prophetic words that have been coming up in my life for the past few months. 

  Dr. Assunta

Adam, thank you so much for the word you sent me..... You were right on about the things you spoke of.....


This is the second time asking for help and each time I always feel confident that your dream interpretations are God given, your interpretations actually make sense and I can see where things fall in my life......Thanks again and God bless.


Thank you so much for the dream interpretation!  What you see rings true......

  In Christ, Shirley

  I am so wowed over this dream interpretation, all I can say is that I know I will be contacting you with a report on the manifestation of this.....This makes so much sence to me.  I believe it may be in the working already.


I must take a moment to reply to the prophetic word I was sent from Adam.  This word was so on point it was spirit shaking. 

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