Attention: At this time we are no longer doing life coaching, very sorry.

Here are some reasons why you need a life coach.

  • A Life Coach Saves You Money.
  • Having A Life Coach Saves You Stress, Pain And Frustration.
  • Having A Life Having A Life Coach Makes You More Accountable.
  • Having A Life Coach Saves You Time And Gets You Faster Results.
  • Having Coach Gives You Ideas You Never Thought Of.
  • Having A Life Coach Gives You Insights Into Yourself.
  • Having A Life Coach Gives You A Stronger Sense Of Belief And Self-Confidence.
  • Having a Life Coach can help you get out of the dead end cycle you find yourself in
  • Having a Life Coach can help you stop doing what doesn’t work. 
  • Having a life coaching can help you achieve and accomplish more

We offer several life coaching packages that you can enroll in, each package is free and will include multiple life coaching sessions. 

  • Life Purpose Package- discover your life purpose
  • Goal Success Package- tools for achieving your goals and making a change
  • Spiritual Life Coaching - Life coaching to grow spiritually and become a more mature Christian


The programs are done through emails with Adam Becker and on skype, Adam is a certified master life coach General Life Coaching will help you get out of the hole you find yourself in and quit doing what doesn't work. This is a program and coaching it is not prophetic ministry and there are worksheets to go over and takes work.    Adam has been there done that and can help give you the tools for success and to get out of your rut. Send us an email and let us know you want to do life coaching. Also let us know which program package you would like to do or general life coaching.   Email us at and put life coaching in the subject.  Know that each of these programs require work and effort on your part and you will have to do work sheets as you discover things about you as well as problem areas and things that may be holding you back.  God bless and we hope to hear from you soon!  You must have microsoft word in order to fill out the worksheets.  We also offer a guarantee, you don’t have to pay until after your entire coaching package is done with so if you are not satisfied and didn’t get the results you hoped you don’t have to pay, no questions asked.  It’s the same for general coaching which is by the hour, you don’t have to pay until the hour is up and if not satisfied you don’t pay.

Life Coaching