Help Wanted: We are looking for some people to do prophetic ministry and dreams on our site.  You would get a profile, be licensed minister with Elisha Serves Ministries after a while and we see how your doing and can ask for donations after doing ministry.  This is a volunteer position and doesn't pay any money except free will donations. There is a prophetic test and dream interpretation test that you will have to take and you must be a Christian, submit your testimony and a email letter of reference and live a Holy Life. There are no fees for becoming licensed with us as a minister and you don't have to become a partner or anything like that we are not trying to make money, we just want to find more people to minister to people and fill our need.  Our site was started in 2005 which is before the many prophetic ministry sites you see today.  We were pioneers in doing prophetic and dreams through email.  Please email us today if you would like to help and become one of our prophetic ministers. 


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