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Dream Interpretation

 Attention Dream Interpretation is totally free however it may take some time to answer your request but if you donate $40 we can answer your request within 48 hours please read bellow for more detail.  Donations go to the fees for having the site and pays for expenses and helps keep this site available.

God has been using dreams and visions to speak to people since Biblical times.  And guess what he uses them still today.  There is nothing in scripture that says that dreams from God have ceased.  God often times wants to speak to us through dreams and visions but we don't know what it means, sure the dream was for you but just like in the Bible there were people around to interpret dreams and were gifted in that area. Let us help you with your dream. We don't always get a supernatural answer to the meaning of your dream sometimes we don't and use Christian dream symbols and give you an idea of what your dream can mean.  Which can be helpful to you.  It can be very hard to interpret your own dreams as you have a iron in the fire and you want it to mean a certain thing when it may not so you need another perspective on the dream to help you find true meaning.

  Please keep dream to one paragraph long no longer than that please.

If you would like dream interpretation then just send us an email with your dream included to:  elishase@elishaserves.com    Dream interpretation is free however if you would like Adam Becker to interpret your dream within 48 hours please go to the donate page of our site and donate $40 then email us and let us know you donated $40 and include the dream to be interpreted.  Adam will then email you back within 48 hours with your dream interpretation.

  . It may take a while to get back to you as we our volunteers and have a high volume of requests.  Also if you sent in a request a long time ago and didn't hear back from us please send in a new one as its hard to get to everyone. Also check your junk email folders for replies from us sometimes it goes into the junk folder.