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If you would like to donate to this impacting ministry please click on the donate button bellow.  Our ministry is reaching the nations, we minister to people by prophetic ministry every day and reach thousands of people a year.  We are accurate and touch and change peoples lives.  The main thing we do is prophetic ministry that people want but we also do other things like dream interpretation, train people how to do prophetic ministry through our online course and book.  We have a Bible school people sign up to and many other things people use.  We have helped thousands of people with dreams and masses of people have been trained in prophetic ministry.  Some people think that doing all these things online is a joke but more people will get things online then go to a church to get them and we can reach a much greater area.  We have people from all walks of life who come for ministry, movie stars, people in government, pastors, business owners and much more.  We are on the first page of google for many well used search terms.  Many people also read Adam Becker's blog and articles which go out on some well known prophet sites and email lists.  Adam's articles are like mini sermons speaking to peoples lives.  This is an impacting ministry that is reaching the nations and growing.  A donation to this ministry is to sow a good seed to a ministry that is reaching people.  Donate today or consider being a partner and make a monthly donation, you wont be disappointed. We also tithe a large portion of our donations to a local church that feeds orphans and widows, builds wells in poverty stricken countries and shelters children.  A donation to us means you are helping the less fortunate and the starving. 


Donate To Our Ministry and help starving children!