To request free personal prophecy or prophetic ministry please read below.

God has used prophecy and prophets since Biblical times and he still uses them today. There is nothing in scripture that says its ceased.  Let us go to the Lord in prayer for you and have Him speak through us.  So what is prophetic ministry?  Prophetic ministry is someone hearing from the Holy Spirit (God) about someone else's past, present or future and telling them what it is and what God says or shows them. Prophetic ministry conveys much need insight, Gods heart and gives people hope.  We all need hope and insight. 

Want prophetic ministry or free prophecy, this is how it works please send us an email requesting prophetic ministry and we will email you back with what the Lord shows us for you.  Also, include your gender and if your single or not which would include being in a relationship or marriage.  Prophetic ministry is totally free.   Please also note that we are not perfect and may make mistakes if something doesn't sound right or isn't accurate please don't take it to heart.  I interpret what I see and so do the volunteer ministers who help here and sometimes they see correctly and get the interpretation wrong that can happen. The truth is I have gone to all the sites that do prophetic ministry online and I have in person seen many prophets and have gotten prophetic ministry and most of the time they were wrong for me but may have been right for others. A prophet that I saw years ago gave me accurate detailed prophetic ministry but then after that every time I saw him he was wrong for me. This doesn't always work for everyone but we are highly accurate most of the time so there is a good chance it will work for you and when we are spot on it sure does make it all worthwhile.  When emailing us requesting a word please don't tell us anything about yourself except your sex and if your married or in a relationship or not.  If you tell us all kinds of things about yourself or what you need to hear from God about it might cloud or influence what we are seeing from the Lord so please don't tell us all kinds of things. When you send in a request one of team members will be the ones answering it.  Adam Becker may also answer requests as well as they are divided up between Adam and the prophetic team.

 If you would like prophetic ministry please send email to:   It may take a while to get back to you as our volunteers have a high volume of requests but we will try and get back to you in a timely manner. It is our dream to answer you right away but we lack volunteers, in the future, we aim to change this and have more people helping on our site. Also please send an email in to me and let me know if someone that has ministered to you has been un-Christ like.  Also send in your testimonies of prophetic words that were accurate we would love to hear them. My name is Adam and I answer the initial emails before it gets sent off to a minister for ministry. Also if you submitted a request a long time ago and didn't hear back from us please put in a new request.  It is hard for us to get to all the requests. Also check your junk email folders for replies from us sometimes our emails go into the junk folder.  Please also share this site with others, you may not be able to donate for our valuable personal prophecy but you can share our site with people. 

Attention: Adam Becker used to ask for a donation for a personal prophecy from him. It was still free from the prophetic team but to get one from Adam you had to donate in order to hear back within 48 hours.  It used to be that  if you donated $40, Adam Becker could answer your request within 48 hours and guarantee it to be mostly accurate or your money back. Adam still did some for free but did a lot of paid ones. Again he guaranteed that if you donated the $40 your word will be mostly accurate if it is not we would refund your donation in full.  We say mostly accurate because we may misinterpret what we see which is a common mistake, the word may not be wrong but the interpretation may be so there can be some things in a prophetic word that may not be totally accurate.  Well it was very rare that Adam had to refund any donations.  He was very accurate and on occasion would even call out names and specific details he couldn't possibly know, all praise going to God for using him.  But it worked very well and brought in a good income for our ministry.  We were one of the only personal prophecy or prophetic ministry sites offering an accuracy guarantee.  But now because of tax reasons (it was a tax headache) we no longer have the options of the paid prophecy in 48 hours with accuracy available.  For over a year it really ministered to a ton of people but now it is no more.  You can still have Adam Becker do your personal prophecy or prophetic ministry for you for free.  When you put in a free request if you want Adam to do it put in the request that you would like Adam to do it. Otherwise, when you put in a free request it will be answered by one of our amazing team members. 

  Bottom line is personal prophecy is valuable.  As I said we no longer take donations but please value your personal prophecy and the prophets time by spreading the word about this site and by saying thank you to the prophet who ministered to you.  Many blessings to you and we hope to help with your prophecy needs.  God bless. 

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