I don't know who you are, but the word you gave me about a year ago, I've had the greatest pleasure to watch God perform in my life word by word. Amazingly accurate and detailed, your sight is very keen. I would like to send a donation to you. Please advise how to do so. And Thank you for your service, servant of God.


I am requesting prophetic word from your ministry - i just donated $40 via my credit card. Thank you. I really need a good, accurate word and you did a wonderful job for my girlfriend, Nancy S****. It is hard to get accuracy but i am astonished with what you did for her! Thank you, Bernadine

Adam, I am absolutely amazed and in awe on how accurate you just prophesied. 

Thank you so much for your words and prayers, I do confirm each and everyone of them this had been the exact prophetic words that have been coming up in my life for the past few months. 

  Dr. Assunta

Adam, thank you so much for the word you sent me..... You were right on about the things you spoke of.....


This is the second time asking for help and each time I always feel confident that your dream interpretations are God given, your interpretations actually make sense and I can see where things fall in my life......Thanks again and God bless.


Thank you so much for the dream interpretation!  What you see rings true......

  In Christ, Shirley

  I am so wowed over this dream interpretation, all I can say is that I know I will be contacting you with a report on the manifestation of this.....This makes so much sence to me.  I believe it may be in the working already.


I must take a moment to reply to the prophetic word I was sent from Adam.  This word was so on point it was spirit shaking. 


Greetings And Peace! Glory To God! Thank You Very Much For The Very Encouraging, Edifying And Accurate Word Through Prophet Adam Becker! It Is Very Much Appreciated! God Richly And Abundantly Bless You And Yours According To His Riches In Glory Through Christ Jesus Our Most Precious And Wonderful Savior And Lord!


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