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God has used prophecy and prophets since Biblical times and he still uses them today. There is nothing in scripture that says its ceased.  Let us go to the Lord in prayer for you and have Him speak through us.

Want prophetic ministry, this is how it works please send us an email requesting prophetic ministry and we will email you back with what the Lord shows us for you.  Also include your gender and if your single or not which would include being in a relationship or marriage.   Many people come to this site for prophetic ministry but could also benefit from life coaching, please visit the life coaching page to learn more about life coaching.   Please also note that we are not perfect and may make mistakes, if something doesn't sound right or isn't accurate please dont take it to heart. I have went to all the sites available online for prophetic words even the paying sites and have paid for prophetic words and most of them were wrong but yet others say they were right for them. The fact is this doesn't work for everyone some people we are going to be wrong about but then again there will be others that we will be right about which makes it all worth while.  I have also been to conferences with prophets and they were wrong for me but again sometimes there right and it also depends on if they are the tell people what they want to hear prophets with all positive God is going to anoint you and bless you stuff which is flat out flattery and is wrong. The New Testament prophet doesn't have to be 100% right all the time the New Testament says that let two or three prophets speak and the others Judge it wouldn't say that if prophets had to be a %100 right. I actually may be wrong for one thing out of ten things I tell you.  Its human error.  Just don't focus on the one thing I was wrong about while I told you ten things that were right.  I interpret what I see and so do the volunteer ministers who help here and sometimes they see correctly and get the interpretation wrong that can happen. So don't be so quick to call us a false prophet if we are right about a bunch of stuff but wrong about one thing.  When emailing us requesting a word please don't tell us anything about yourself except your sex and if your married or in a relationship or not.  If you tell us all kinds of things about yourself or what you need to hear from God about it might cloud or influence what we are seeing from the Lord so please don't tell us all kinds of things. 

 If you would like prophetic ministry please send email to: elishase@elishaserves.com   It may take a while to get back to you as we our volunteers and have a high volume of requests.  It is our dream to answer you right away but we lack volunteers in the future we aim to change this and have more people helping on our site.  Also please send an email in to me and let me know if someone that has minister to you has been un-Christ like.  Also send in your testimonies of prophetic words that were accurate we would love to hear them. My name is Adam and I answer the initial emails before it gets sent off to a minister for ministry.  After you have received your prophetic word please consider giving a donation of $10 or more, go to the home page and scroll down to the donation link to give. A lot of people do chose to give as they value the word that was given and the prophets time if you value the word and the time spent on giving the word then consider giving. If you cant donate we understand but then at least let us know if the word was accurate and say thanks that can be better than donations. Also pass this site on to your friends and people you know that helps us too.  You can also have Adam Becker come speak at your church by passing this site on to your pastor.  This site costs money to keep going and donations help with that.  Also if you submitted a request a long time ago and didn't hear back from us please put in a new request.  It is hard for us to get to all the requests. Also check your junk email folders for replies from us sometimes our emails go into the junk folder. We are a 501c3 ministry under a church all your donations have that benefit. 

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