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We are now offering a prophetic internship program, the program lasts one year and you will be required to do at least one prophetic ministry request a day, read required prophetic ministry books and take 30 credits in our Bible institute.  The cost for the internship is a donation of whatever you can afford each month and the courses are free.  The required reading you have to buy on your own.  Adam Becker will help you become a seasoned prophetic minister in the prophetic and will offer his feedback for you and answer questions and help you in any way he can, he will send out a teaching twice a week on the prophetic and more.  This internship program will lead to Ordination and a certificate in Biblical Studies and a certificate that says you have completed a one year prophetic internship with Elisha Serves Ministries.  We will also help give you the tools to begin your own ministry and or do Itinerant ministry.  This program is for those who are called to ministry in the prophetic and have a prophetic gifting, we do require two references by email that you have a prophetic gifting and your testimony.  Upon completion for the program we will also give you a reference for your ministry.  You get hands on experience on doing prophetic ministry with feedback and you get credentialed through us.  The cost of the ordination is $50 a year.  If you are interested please email elishase@elishaserves.com with prophetic internship in the subject line.  If you already have one year of Bible college you wont have to get 30 credits from our Bible Institute and also if you are a member of our prophetic team and have been for a while you wont have to go through a whole year of the internship your time already served on our prophetic team will go for that. So if you have served on a prophetic team of ours for a while figure on only doing the internship for 6 months instead of a year. We wanted to continue to do the internship program for free forever but we found that people don't value and stick with things that are free.  We have the requirement of going through the Bible institute because a prophetic minister should know the word of God well and be a teacher of the Bible.  Our Bible Institute is very easy and doesn't contain dogma its just you reading the Bible and answering questions. 

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