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Have Adam Becker Speak at Your Church or Conference


  Adam Becker is an ordained minister, father, pastor, prophetic minister, author, Bible teacher, speaker and father.  He lives in western Wisconsin which is in the United States.  Rev. Becker has a degree in Biblical Studies from the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago and has received training in prophetic ministry and other ministry related things.  Adam has been the pastor of a few different churches and in 2005 founded www.elishaserves.com which has ministered to thousands of people prophetically from pastors, people in government to the unsaved for a number of years.   He also has done a lot of street preaching and evangelism and has experience leading many to the Lord.


  Its Adams heart to see the power of God touch and transform people’s lives forever and also to teach people how to hear from God for others.  How many people know that one touch from God or word from God can change your life?  It can and does. I am proof of that and so are many others.  God is real and he wants to touch your church, he wants your church to learn to be able to hear from God and convey his heart to others.


  Why would you need to bring Adam Becker into your church to speak and do ministry?  It’s simple Adams experience with ministering prophetically to thousands of people will help teach your congregation to hear from God for others and minister prophetically.  Adam will not come with the intention to give everyone a prophetic word but with the intention to equip them to give prophetic words.  It is also Adams goal to see people touched by the presence of God and getting people to experience the presence of God will change lives.  One touch from God is transforming! Adams life has been forever changed by the presence of God and he would like to see that happen in others life. Adam comes with a powerful prophetic gift and personal testimony.    


  If you would like to have Rev. Adam Becker come speak at your church or conference please email us at elishase@elishaserves.com with the heading “Itinerant Ministry.”  He is currently scheduling a few months out.  He at this time can’t speak outside the United States and doesn’t usually schedule far from his home state.   Rev. Becker is also only looking at scheduling to minister at a weekly service or Sunday night service as he has an obligation at his own church on Sunday mornings.  We don’t require a set amount of money to minister and don’t intend doing itinerant ministry to make a living.  We only ask that a love offering be taken up for Adam when he comes and ministers to cover some expenses.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us and ask. Also if you belong to a church and like this ministry please pass this along to your pastor and maybe Adam can bring his ministry to your church. Hope to hear from you soon!