Become an Ordained Minister

If you take 60 credits worth of classes through our Bible Institute we will ordain you and give you a certificate of ordination. The ordination is under our church and is $50 per year.  We also require two references by email and your testimony as well that you make an effort to live a Holy life and work in some sort of legitimate ministry.  This is not just some cheap ordination that you buy this is one you have to work for and study to show theyself approved.  The courses in our Bible Institute are $10 each and taking 60 credits in our ordination program you will also earn a certificate of Biblical studies degree.   If your interested in Ordination please email me today to enroll in the program. Email me at with Ordination in the subject line.  Get ordained and start your ministry.  You could also apply to join our prophetic team and get licensed as a minister under Elisha Serves Ministries but for that you have to be doing the work of prophetic ministry and dream interpretation.  Please go to the join our team page for more info on that.  If you already have at least one year of accredited Bible college or seminary you wont have to go through our Bible Institute we will just jump to Ordination.