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Rev. Adam Becker’s Testimony (this sites founder_

There is usually a defining moment in time that one can remember as a beginning, or a turning point. I remember such a moment that I would call the turning point or the moment when my journey began. As always, there were a lot of little things that led up to that point. My turning point was hearing the Lord speak to me. That changed everything.

Gen 1:3-5


3 And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light "day," and the darkness he called "night." And there was evening, and there was morning — the first day.




“Let there be light” said the Lord in the beginning, and the Lord spoke to my life in the same way that He spoke light into the world. And so it was. The light was separated from the darkness and all was made clear. It wasn’t clear all at once for me, but that is how God works. His plans usually take time to unfold. That defining moment happened in my early twenties, but there were many other things that led up to that moment.


I grew up going to Church and for the most part I was a Christian - or at least that is what I called my self. In my mind I thought I knew the Lord, and I sure knew all the Bible stories. My mom used to be on a “praise and worship team,” and I went to Sunday school like a good little boy. I take that back. I wasn’t exactly a good little boy, but I did go to Church from time to time. I was even baptized, and prayed every night before I went to sleep. After all, that is what many believe makes a person a Christian. The truth was I didn’t really know what being a Christian was all about.


I often prayed, and as I grew I continued to believe in the Lord. But as a teenager I hung out with the bad crowds, and I experimented with drugs and everything else you could imagine. I was kind of a loner if you know what I mean. I was in a clique all of my own. I was social and had a lot of friends, but I just didn’t seem to fit in very well with the kids who didnt get in trouble. It was much easier to just hang out with the questionable crowd.  I was also always in trouble and breaking the law. My good friends were drug addicts, dealers, criminals, thugs, thieves, and drunkards.





I did a lot of things I am not proud of, but it was what everyone did - Christians and non-Christians alike. “But Mom, Everyone is doing it!!!” as so many teens still voice today. So I did not see much wrong with it. Since almost everyone I knew did those things, it was the norm. Now, of course, if everyone had jumped off a bridge I probably wouldn’t have done it. I had friends that never hesitated to “jump off a bridge,” but I never could bring myself to “jump off a perfectly good bridge.” I kept my footing, but I joined them in the other seemingly normal things for a young man in the 1980’s. Thankfully, seasons change and so did I.


Most of the people I hung out with were only looking out for “Number One.” They would stab you in the back at their first chance, and they often did. Never-the-less, they were the only people I seemed to fit in with.


For years I knew something was missing in my life. I prayed countless times for God to come into my heart and change my life. Once in while I would even watch an evangelist on TV, and I would hear the message and long for more. I knew there had to be more. Life couldn’t just consist of what was before me. So I prayed and prayed, and prayed some more. I would pray, “Lord change me, Lord God please come into my heart.” over and over again. That was my standard night-time prayer, and He never seemed to answer. It seemed to be years before God took notice of that prayer. The time it took Him to answer my prayer was not that important. What was important was that He eventually did come through. I believe He was listening the whole time, even though at the time I was convinced He wasn’t hearing me. He just knew that the time wasn’t right to answer me until He finally did.


Later on, I met a young woman who eventually became my wife.  We got married and had a child. I continued to pray for the Lord to come into my life as I had done for a few years. One night as I prayed, the Lord answered back. God spoke to me and said, “The hands of the father will pass. The sins will rise and the darkness will lift.” God had spoken to me, for the first time. He was speaking to me - of all people, and it wasn’t just a thought that God put on my heart. This was almost audible, and it was very clear. As I lay next to my wife in bed that night, I was both excited to have actually heard from God and yet perplexed as to what He was saying. Although I didn’t understand the meaning of the message, it was forever burned in my heart. Little did I know that God was commanding light into my life. I was about to see things in a whole new way. I was about to see some sins that were hidden in my life, and I was on the verge of change. This took place a couple of weeks before Christmas, and it marked the beginning of the best and worst moments of my adult life. The night the Lord spoke to me was the turning point. Everything begins with the Word and the Word was the beginning of my new life.

 Then one day a couple weeks after I heard from the Lord she revealed to me she was pregnant.  Then she revealed to me it wasn’t mine but from an affair she had with my best friend.  I won’t get into details because I don’t want to make this too long but it was a shock.  I told her it’s over and that we are getting a divorce.  At that point God had someone invite me to church and I started going and it was amazing.  I made friends and went to revival meetings.  I could actually see the sanctuary of the church fill with smoke or fog during a service and worship.  That was one of the first things I noticed.  And there was no fog maker in the church.  I saw other miracles and before I knew it I was hooked.  I remember in the early days also seeing a prophet and he told me everything I ever did even stuff only I would know about my childhood.  In that time, my wife found out that she was actually pregnant with twins.  I knew they weren’t mine so I was set to divorce her then God through supernatural means made himself more real to me.   He set me free from things like drinking, smoking, drugs, hanging with bad crowds and so much more.  He caused me to not swear anymore and I began to share my faith all the time even doing street preaching.  God set me free from so much and was so loving so I wanted to do something for him so I vowed to Him that I will take my wife back and raise the twins as my own.  Some people have said I was an idiot and whipped for doing this even my old best friend who got my wife pregnant has thought this, others said I just was so obsessed with my wife that I would let her get away with anything.  Well none of that is true.  I didn't even want to take my wife back, I felt that I was not a door mat and didn't have to put up with someone cheating on me.  I was not an idiot and knew the twins weren't mine.  And no I really didn't want anymore kids. As I said the reason I took her back and raised the twins as my own was I wanted to do something sacrificial for God.  To have done a selfless and beautiful Christlike act of love.  That is the reason I did it not because I am an idiot or was obsessed with her or wanted more kids.  So that’s what I did before they were born I took my wife back and became their father.  She wasn’t grateful and acted like the world and I struggled being married to her but I stuck with it.  I was even condemned by churches for the way she acted.  We had another biological child of mine and God continued to do miracles in my life and he gave me dreams about other people telling me stuff about them and also accurate prophetic words for people.  I felt called to ministry so I started Bible college, was trained by a pastor and took prophetic courses and was trained by prophets.  God made my prophetic call known also to others by doing something which I mention on the about us page of this website.  I then was ordained by the prophet who I saw early on that told me everything I ever did and I went into ministry, pastored a few churches, was ordained by churches, started this website back in 2005 and continued to raise my kids including the twins.  My life was never the same.  I became a different person.  Later though my wife had another affair and I found out that wasn’t the only one.  We were set on divorce. Before the divorce I asked her if she would reconcile one more time and I would forgive her and we would work it out and she refused and said she had a new man.  So we divorced.  I continued after the divorce to raise the twins.  We had a dna test which proved they weren’t mine during the marriage but that didn’t sway me.  I vowed to God that I would raise them.  Later I got full placement and sole custody of all the kids and am raising them full time.  Some people don’t like my testimony and get offended but its how God moved in my life and I shouldn’t be ashamed of it.  I have never been the same since.  There is more to my testimony but I don’t have time to tell it all here.